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Are you insured on a Third Party Only or Third Party Fire & Theft Basis? Don't wait until have you have been involved in an accident.
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We will contact the Insurers saving you time for unnecessary calls;
We will correspond with all parties involved in a professional manner on your behalf;
We will constantly follow up on your claim and keeping you informed at all times;
We will arrange for a survey to be carried out on your vehicle;
We will guide You and assist You on the repair process and obtaining a replacement vehicle;
Most importantly we are here to guide and negotiate on Your behalf with your best interest in mind;


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Working alongside Us, will help You fully recover the cost of your claim from the 3rd party Insurance Company. All this is done with the least of inconveniences.

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A service provided for those innocent parties involved…

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This usually occurs when You are insured on a Third…

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This means that we would handle all necessary…

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For a minimal fee, we will take over Your…

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Our highly trained and experienced team are fully qualified to address clients’ requirements and will save you time and unnecessary hassles.

Your positive action combined with our skill results in success.

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